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[01 Mar 2003|10:33am]
hey guys! yeah, i know its been FOREVER since ive written here. i guess because ive went from uj->blurty and got kinda caught up with it. so im deciding to close down my journal. many of you deleted me and most of you dont even write in your journal. and lots of you are just using me to make your lists look bigger. so yeah. ive deleted all of you and i think im going to delete this. so long, farwell</3

[06 Apr 2002|01:14pm]
From now on, my journal is Friends Only. If you want to be added do the following:

add me + I'll add you back.
leave a comment saying you want to be added.
if I don't add you, don't get angry. I have my own reasons for doing things.
This is my journaL, and I will write what I want, about whoever I want.
after I add you, you have to comment at least once overall in my journal.
if you write rude, un necessary comments, those comments will be deleted and you will not be on my friends list anymore.
if you have any comments or suggestions please contact email-me at or if I am online, lil x ashie; and piink x qlitter
Have a wonderfuL day son. <333

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