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seksibabiedawl's Journal

21 July
*the basics
name: ashLey -;-
handles: asherz ashie ashy ash
location: Florida*
sex: littO dawlie
aiqe: jailbait *
color: piink

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<font ptsize="9" face="arial">*<font color="ff99cc"><b><u>the basics</u></b><font color="000000">
name: ash<b>L</b>ey -;-
handles: asherz ashie ashy ash
location: <font color="ff77cc"><b>F</b><font color="000000">lorida*
sex: littO dawlie
aiqe: jailbait *
color: piink

*<font color="ff99cc"><b><u>hobbies</u></b><font color="000000"><ice skating ` dancing ` cheering `acting `boys `friends `shopping `talking `sports `bLurring<3

*<font color="ff99cc"><b><u>friends</u></b><font color="000000">
`I love all my friends with all my heart. I have two best friends for life: Amanda + Elizabeth. I also have two ao-bestfriends who mean everything to me: Kandise + Alicia. I love you guys so much. Above are my four friends, but I also have oh so many more! Out of all my other friends, I have no favorite. You all mean so much to me + thank you for being there. <33 aaF

*<font color="ff99cc"><b><u>contact me</u></b><font color="000000">
a0L // Ibeautiifulz
aim // lil x ashie + piink qlitter

*<font color="ff99cc"><b><u>top 3 likes</u></b>*<font color="000000">
boys `cellies `friends

*<font color="ff99cc"><b><u>top 3 dislikes</u></b>
*<font color="000000">joqqers `skanks `liars

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